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A Third Elemental Pizza Location – Greetings to all in Downtown!

We opened ourTacoma location last year in October, and thanks to our loyal customers, we’re expanding again! A third Elemental Pizza location will be opening soon in the Columbia Center in Downtown Seattle. Special thanks to everyone at Columbia Center, Graham Baba Architects, Wilcox Construction and Smith and Greene for your help in making it…
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How to Pair Wine and Pizza

Pizza is probably one of the most unassuming foods to pair with wine. Since Elemental Pizza is based on getting down to the simplicity of quality ingredients, we are all about the non-snooty nature of this pairing! That being said, we love sharing great flavor combinations so that our guests can make the most of…
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Elemental Pizza is Now Open in Tacoma

After a long wait, we’re excited to announce that a second location of Elemental Pizza is now open in Tacoma! The new spot opened on October 2nd, and has had a couple of weeks to get into the normal flow of things. You’ll find most of the same menu items, with a few changes. The…
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