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Building the Perfect Pizza from Scratch

When building the perfect pizza from scratch as we do, it’s important to make sure that each element of our pizzas is carefully selected, from the dough to the toppings.

The Dough: We craft our dough in-house with the simple ingredients of flour, yeast, salt and water. Its flavor builds over the next couple of days as the yeast ferments, creating just the right texture and chewiness as well!

The Sauce: Whether it’s our classic tomato sauce or garlic oil, or a special sauce like our BBQ, curry sauce, or pesto cream, we take pride in the fact that they are made in house! That means the ingredients have to meet our standards for freshness and flavor, and our process for crafting these delicious sauces is followed to the letter.

The Meats: You’ve probably heard us highlight our vendor relationship with Zoe’s Meats, but let us just mention again how important it is for us to top our pizza’s with the finest charcuterie and meat. We’re so glad that Zoe’s has a commitment to sustainability, keeping us stocked with environment-friendly and nitrate-free product.

The Veggies: From the mushrooms to the tomatoes, peppers to eggplant, and arugula to rapini, our vegetable toppings must be fresh and top-quality in order to make it through our doors.

The Cheese: It’s the ingredient that ties everything together once it gets all melty and gooey, so the cheese is so important to the quality of the pizza we put before you. Our mozzarella is oh-so-fresh! And our other cheeses are selected for the best possible combination with the other toppings on your made-from-scratch pizza.

If your mouth isn’t watering yet, just keep all of the above in mind as you peruse our menu. We’re pretty sure that’s more than enough to convince you to make Elemental Pizza your choice the next time you’re dining out!