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Why Quality Really Matters When it Comes to Pizza Ingredients

Pizza is a very popular food! An estimated 93 percent of Americans eat at least one slice per month, and the average person eats 46 slices each year. Three billion pizzas are sold in the U.S. each year, out of 5 billion sold worldwide.

With all of that pizza-eating going on, it’s really concerning that most restaurants keep their pizza ingredients secret. Many of the popular chains actually add MSG and similar flavor enhancers that have the same effect: tricking your brain and tempting you to eat more of a low-quality product.

Elemental Pizza has a completely different story. We’re shameless about listing our ingredients, and if you want a detailed list of each and every item that goes into your wood fired pizza, we are more than happy to share!

We start with the elements of quality and simplicity to ensure that all of our pizzas are made only with all-natural, top-notch ingredients. For example, our dough is made from just flour, yeast, salt and water! It ferments for three days to build up its delicious flavor and chewy texture. Elemental Pizza is proud to work with local providers for as many of our ingredients as possible, but regardless of where we get the goods, we stand behind them for quality. Zoe’s Meats is our provider of choice for their flavorful and nitrate-free pepperoni, ham, prosciutto, salami and more. Mama Lil’s is our supplier for delicious pickled sweet hot peppers. We work with our produce guys as well, to pick out the best fresh veggies, and source top-quality cheeses to complete the finishing flavor combination!

When you nosh on a pizza at Elemental, you can rest easy that you’re consuming great ingredients in addition to enjoying the delicious flavors and naturally-addicting nature of the pizza, itself.