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Announcing a New Cider to Pair with Elemental Pizza

Pizza and beer. Pizza and wine. The pairing of food and booze is quintessential to nearly every culture and type of food, but pizza may just be the most versatile. That’s why we’re really excited to enjoy it alongside some pretty fantastic new cider… from 2 Towns Ciderhouse!

The craft brewer started in 2010, with a mixture of old and new cider techniques and experimentation in their brewing process. With each and every cider, they use only the best fresh-pressed apples (100 percent Northwest ones, too). There are no added sugars or flavoring, either.

The guys at 2 Towns Ciderhouse take extra care with each cider recipe to focus on the best combination of aroma, body and flavor – honoring these natural fruits to the best of their ability. With our own appreciation for simplicity and dedication to the basics of food and drink, we think the similar approach that 2 Towns Ciderhouse has to cider is awesome.

According to the brewers, themselves, “We love what we do and do everything we can to ensure that you’ll love our products too. The perfect alternative to beer and wine, and naturally gluten-free, more and more people are discovering that craft cider is what they have been craving all along!”

We recently started offering one of the 2 Towns Ciderhouse craft brew ciders here at Elemental Pizza, as a fantastic pairing with our appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pastas, and of course, pizza! You’ll find plenty of cidery enjoyment here at Elemental, with the BrightCider: fresh-pressed with 100% NW apples, no added sugars and nothing artificial!!

A cool note about 2 Towns Ciderhouse is that they actually have their own orchard – started in 2012. They’re currently adding about 700 new cider apple trees each year to their orchard alongside the Willamette River… quite an undertaking!

Visit us at Elemental Pizza to enjoy some 2 Towns cider alongside your favorite wood fired pizza or happy hour snack! Have a favorite local cider that you’d like to see at Elemental? Let us know!