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How to Pair Wine and Pizza

Pizza is probably one of the most unassuming foods to pair with wine. Since Elemental Pizza is based on getting down to the simplicity of quality ingredients, we are all about the non-snooty nature of this pairing! That being said, we love sharing great flavor combinations so that our guests can make the most of their experience with us, so here are some tips for how to pair wine and pizza at Elemental…

Salty, cured meats like prosciutto go really well with spicy Chianti, so our Prosciutto & Arugula pizza is excellent with a glass of the Ruffino Chianti on our booze menu.

Enjoy your Margherita with a Chardonnay or a medium-bodied red. Some Italian varietals such as Barbera or Garnacha are delicious with a Margherita. The moderate tannins pair really well with fresh tomatoes and herbs like basil. If you’re feeling like a glass of white wine, the Charles & Charles Chardonnay is a good pick, and if red wine is what you’re feeling, try the Portillo Malbec.

Our classic pepperoni pizza is made with nitrate-free meat from Zoe’s, and compliments an Italian Primitivo and other big, full-bodied Old World red wines. Other great wines to pair with pepperoni are Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc, so your pepperoni pizza will go very nicely with the Perazzera Sara Sangiovese.

Veggie pizzas pair well with wine, too! The truffled mushroom pizza goes oh-so-well with a nice earthy and spicy wine. Order yours with a glass of Mark West Pinot Noir. If the Garden Variety Elemental Pizza is your go-to, the Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc or Portillo Malbec will compliment your meal to a ‘T’.

Take a look at other ideas of fantastic wine pairings with these and other classic pizza toppings. There’s also a helpful app, VinePair, which can help direct you to a good wine and pizza pairing.

Featured photo source: blog.bottlesfinewine.com