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Meat-Free Bliss: Vegetarian Pizza Options at Elemental

Not all of us are meat lovers. For the vegetarians and for the folks who just don’t really feel like consuming the added calories of pepperoni or sausage, we offer several vegetarian pizza options here at Elemental. From a specialty meat-free pizza with foraged toppings like the Truffled Mushroom, or flavorful classics such as the Margherita that just happen to skip the meat, we have plenty to choose from!

Something Colorful

Elemental’s Garden Variety pizza is a vibrant concoction of colorful veggie toppings on our signature tomato sauce base. Vivid red of the grape tomatoes and bell peppers, fresh green with the delicious zucchini, rich purple from the earthy eggplant, and bright yellow peppers create a rainbow of color on this pizza that’s as tasty as it is pretty. It’s topped with pecorino and goat cheese for the final flourish.

Something ‘Shroomed

If you’re a mushroom-lover, the Truffled Mushroom vegetarian pizza is the choice for you. A flavorful white truffle oil sets the stage to show off the tasty crimini mushrooms, which are topped with parmesan and frontal cheeses and a scattering of parsley for the finish.

Something Green

One of our guest favorites for vegetarian pizza at Elemental is the famed Green Goddess (pictured above). It starts with the fresh pesto cream base, and keeps going with yummy spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts before the Goddess is crowned with feta and mozzarella cheese and a bit of Herbs de Provence.

Something Rustic

Looking for a light, yet filling meal that’s still meatless? The staff-favorite Yukon Gold has robust potatoes (as its name denotes) on the garlic oil base, topped with rosemary, pecorino and mozzarella to really round out the flavors.

Of course, we’re proud to top our meat-friendly pizzas with top-quality, nitrate-free ingredients from Zoe’s Meats, but we get that not everyone loves prosciutto or hot coppa. So the next time you’re in the area, feel free to drop by Elemental for the vegetarian pizza options you crave.