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The Power of Pizza

Food is a powerful thing for bringing people together, creating memories, and making adventures out of everyday activities. One of the most powerful foods is pizza – here’s why we think so…

It’s delicious. Light, fluffy crust. Flavorful, rich sauce. Gooey, tasty cheese. Colorful, yummy toppings. The reasons why pizza tastes so good are virtually endless, because the different toppings and variety of ingredients you can enjoy are also endless. As long as quality ingredients are used, and the combination of flavors excites your taste buds, pizza is pretty sure to be delicious.

It’s adaptable. There’s only so many ways to make spaghetti, but the options for pizza toppings are endless! Whether you’re vegetarian, feeling adventurous, or looking for a comfort-food favorite, pizza fits the bill. Also, because it is so versatile, pizza is a people-pleaser. Picky eaters can do their thing, and the exploratory types can have their fun. Here at Elemental, we take it a step further and offer

It’s shareable. Pizza is designed to be shared. Even a one-person sized pie offers the opportunity to get two different pizzas and split them between two, or sampling several different pizzas between a group of friends. Pizza slices simply, splits evenly, and often offers a balanced meal – depending on the toppings you choose.

It’s fun. Who doesn’t love finger food? With pizza in particular, you can savor the hot, satisfying combination of flavors and textures, by hand! Pick up a slice and nosh away. Eating was never so much fun – with great tastes, good company, and food you can enjoy without the bother of utensils.

Feeling in the mood for some pizza? Elemental has you covered with a bunch of delicious wood fired pizzas to choose from – classics, veggies, or meat-heavy. Join us to savor the power of pizza.