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The Elements of Pizza – A Philosophy of ‘Simple’

When we got together and thought about the kind of pizzas we wanted to make for our Elemental Pizza guests, we wanted to keep things simple, yet creative. We wanted to do the whole wood-fired thing, but we wanted to do pizza in a way where we could be more creative with it – you know, playing with flavors and ingredients to make something unique and delicious, not just delicious.

So, we’re like mad scientists with what we create in the pizza oven, but we also have a philosophy of ‘simple’. It’s better that way; when our guests can actually taste a hint of their pizza when they’re ordering it from the menu. Tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, fresh basil, rosemary, crimini mushrooms, garlic oil, pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes – you know what those things are, and you know what they taste like. It’s simple.

In fact, probably the only ingredients on the menu that might not be familiar are the names of some of our cheeses, such as pecorino romano and grana padano. But it’s cheese – how can you go wrong?

We don’t bother with any secret ingredients or anything crazy like that – we prefer to get more crazy with the combinations we create on your wood fired wonder pie.

As you get down to the elements of your pizza at our University Village restaurant, you won’t find any surprises… well, except maybe with how great the ingredients taste in combination with each other. Oh, and how good the pizza is, period. Did you know that we ferment all of our pizza dough for a minimum of three days (and up to five) for the best-flavored wood-fired pizza dough in the city? (Of course, this is in our quite humble, very biased opinion). This infuses every pizza pie with the best flavor to compliment and highlight the ingredients we pile on.

Quit over-thinking your pizza, and let us do all the crazy stuff in the kitchen. Take a seat and pick something that you know you’ll love from our ‘Basic Chemistry’ pizza list, or maybe something a little more experimental to test your taste buds and enjoy an explosion of new flavor. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the simplicity and deliciousness of the experience, either way.