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Why Everything at Elemental is Handmade

It’s kind of in our name… ‘Elemental’. It all starts with simple ingredients – “The Building Blocks of Life As We Know It” as we like to say. Everything at Elemental Pizza, from the soup to the pizzas themselves, is handmade because we like to get up close and personal with our food.

We know that you care about what you’re eating, and so we do too. Our cooks put lots of love into every dish, to ensure the best quality and flavor. Each pizza pie is handmade, right in front of you, and here’s why…

Freshness is vital, both for flavor and the experience of an Elemental pizza. We source our produce ingredients as locally as possible, and our meats from Zoe’s Meats. We feel like pizza – and all food, in general – tastes best when it’s made-to-order, fresh that day. Our house Stromboli is an example of primo freshness: The pepperoni and mozzarella-stuffed pizza dough isn’t made in bulk, it’s made from scratch when you order it so that the Stromboli comes out piping hot and fresh as can be! It takes a bit longer to prepare, but that’s how you know it’s freshly handmade.

Personality is another key factor to our food, and you can’t really have much personality of your own when you’re using someone else’s, right? So making our pizza from scratch, using our own mad scientist ideas and creations is just one way that we share our personality with each handmade pizza. If you’re interested in trying one of our more creative pizza creations, check out our Curry with Chicken (house-made and handmade curry sauce with grilled chicken, mozzarella, red bell peppers and basil), or the Heartbreaker (tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, black olives, hot coppa, and artichoke hearts).

Fun is another one of the top reasons why everything at Elemental is handmade. Who doesn’t get a kick out of watching pizza dough fly and getting creative with crazy toppings? We have a blast crafting each of our menu items, and we hope you have fun, too.