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Why the World Would End Without Wood Fired Pizza

Not to get terribly hyperbolic, but you should really know: the world would totally end without wood fired pizza.


Don’t know what we’re talking about?

We’ll explain…

It’s probably something we’d die without. We’re serious – there are all kinds of restaurants and pizzerias around the U.S. (as well as a kids mystery novel) named with a variation of “A Pizza to Die For”. This stuff is so good that people commonly refer to it as something to die for – if that’s the only way you can get it. Of course, enjoying wood fired pizza does not require the death of the eater, but if they were taking it away for good? Might be a different story.

It’s our ‘gathering grub’, our party food of choice. Without wood fired pizza in the world, what would we enjoy at football parties (side note: GO HAWKS!)? Big family dinners? After-game celebrations? Probably something like fried chicken. Which is fine sometimes, but for all of those gatherings where something with real, quality ingredients (including some green) and a customizable flavor that everyone can enjoy, wood fired pizza would be sorely missed. And what if some or all of the group is vegetarian? You’re sunk with the fried chicken choice.

Its flavor, ingredients, cooking method – all matchless. We just simply can’t be without crispy dough that’s been aged for a few days to get that incredible flavor. Or, those fresh, high-quality ingredients that are so perfectly combined to cause a mind-blowingly awesome experience for your taste buds. Wood fired pizza is something that stands out as an awesome invention for the culinary experiences we have available to us, and we cannot do without it, now that we have tasted such goodness.

We have the best pizza in University Village, Seattle. At Elemental Pizza, wood fire is our pride and joy. We quite simply cannot do without wood fired pizzas. We’d be left with fewer types of pizza to enjoy. We would lose an important part of culinary history. All of that cheese – not to mention the delicious local meats and veggies – would go to waste. There would be no more round pies of perfection to enjoy with loved ones and friends when we celebrate, re-connect, or just hang out.

The world would end.