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Specialty Wood-Fired Pizza with Awesome Ingredients

Pizza is done so many ways – there are flatbreads, Chicago-style, New York-style, deep-dish, brick oven, take-and-bake, and wood-fired. We decided to go the wood-fired route because of everything we tried, the chew of a well made dough and the flavor of a light char was simply the best taste profile for us.  It’s more difficult to execute, but it’s fast and the ingredients of the dough fit in with our philosophy of simple.

The dough for all of our pizza pies is handmade here in-house, with Shepherd’s Grain Flour, which is acquired from sustainably-grown wheat. A side note about our dough: Through a lot of experimentation we have found that when we allow our dough to ferment for at least three days (and some times as much as five) there really is a difference in taste as well as how the dough reacts when it hits the oven.

We source our produce locally as much as we can, but year-round, we get our peppers from Mama Lil’s in Oregon. And the delicious meats and charcuterie on our pizzas come’s from the renowned Zoe’s Meats!

From the basic, popular pizzas such as the Margherita, to the our own Elemental experiments like our SMH (Sarah M. Hughes) Baked Potato Pie, we hope you will find a pizza on our menu that you have never considered before, topped with fantastic ingredients.

Oh, and the sweet and refreshing gelato you can enjoy here at Elemental after you’ve devoured your pizza is straight from Bottega Italiana Gelato in Pike Place Market!

Drop by, take a seat, and order up a wood-fired pizza creation for yourself the next time you’re in the neighborhood… We look forward to having you!